User Notice

Please read carefully and fully understand this Notice before you use Easy Exhibitor. By using Easy Exhibitor it will be deemed that you have accepted all of the terms and conditions in this Notice.


Before your registration in Easy Exhibitor, you must accept the following:

Provide real, accurate, complete and current information about your esteemed enterprise in accordance with the requirements for exhibitor registration.

You are obliged to maintain and update in time the information of your company, thereby to keep it real, accurate, complete and current. Should you submit any other than real, accurate, complete and current information, or we have good reason to believe that you have submitted any other than real, accurate, complete and current information, we will have the right to suspend or terminate your registration and information provided by you, and to deny you of access to any kind of service provided by Easy Exhibitor.

We takes only company as our registered member, so your using of Easy Exhibitor will be deemed that your company have accepted all of the terms and conditions in this Notice.

Using Easy Exhibitor

You will take full responsibility for your behavior, while we will not be subjected to any liability and will have the free hand to take, at our discretion, any necessary or proper action on your information which includes deleting such information, and we also reserve the right of recourse, if you commit any of the following when using the services provided by Easy Exhibitor of Canton Fair website:

· Manage to or try to invade, enter by force, connect to, or use any other part of our network server and any information section to which we do not give your authorization.

· Limit or prevent other users from using Canton Fair website.

· Distribute or post illegal, fraudulent,defamatory, obscene, erotic, profane, threatening, foul, objectionable, disgusting, or any other bad or improper information, including documents that contain or instigate actions that lead to criminal offences or civil liability, or that break in any other way the local laws, national laws or foreign laws.

· Distribute or post advertisements, sales talks, chain letters, pyramid schemes, investment opportunities or spam;

· Distribute or post any information or software that contains virus, Trojan horse program, worm or other bad content.

· Post, release, transfer, copy, distribute, or use in any way the information collected from Canton Fair website for commercial purpose.

· Upload, post, release, transfer, copy, or distribute in any way the information collected from Canton Fair website which is protected by copyright or other proprietary; or produce derived products of such information without prior written permission from copyright owner or right holder of such information.

· Infringe rights that are held by a third, such as party property right, copyright, patent, brand, business secret or other intellectual properties, or privacy and right of fame.


Canton Fair website lays great stress on the protection of our user’s privacy, and we promise that we’ll respect your privacy during the collection, storage and transmission of your personal information.

· Collection of personal information

It may be required to provide and register your personal information when you are applying for connection with our Easy Exhibitor for certain information or service. Your application may be turned down if you refuse to provide your personal information.

· Use of personal information

You personal information may be used for the following purposes:

· Process your application or service registration, your request for information and enquiry.

· Incorporate into the database of Canton Fair website.

· Provide your contact and business information to those that make such enquiry.

· Operation of Canton Fair website

· Service promotion

· Disclose such information in accordance with laws that are applicable within China.

· Other relevant purposes: Canton Fair website is entitled to use your personal information inside or outside China.


© China Foreign Trade Centre All rights reserved.     User Notice
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